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Over the past years of growth, Huatong has won the trust and respect of peers and customers through diligence, entrepreneurial spirit, high-end and highly stable product quality and the high reputation. With the support and help from new and old customers, and the efforts of our colleagues, Huatong is able to achieve today's prosperity. I hereby would like to, on behalf of the company, express our sincere gratitude and highest respect to our friends for their long-term care and support throughout the development of the company.
With the rapid development of modern society, the company is facing both better development opportunities, and rigorous challenges. Standing at a new historical starting point, the leaders of the company adopt innovative thinking, rational distribution, and scientific analysis, to integrate corporate resources according to the company's development of the situation, operate by abiding by laws and carry out strict management, making relentless efforts to build a “delicate and high-end Huatong”. Huatong is always oriented to market demands, centered on economic profits, and grasps the law of the development of the market, adjusts profit-creating strategies in a timely manner, open up market space in a flexible and efficient way, vigorously develops and strengthens workforce, spares no efforts to build the corporate culture of “people-orientation, loyalty to the company, and contribution to the society”, while constantly improving the overall quality of the company, to create a serious and responsible corporate image and become a model in the industry. In 2014, based on the ISO9001: 2008, the company introduced the IRIS management model that allows the company's processes to be more reasonable and standardized.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow, “first-class quality and first-class reputation” is the eternal commitment of Huatong. Huatong will always be your most trusted friend and partner. I hope friends from all walks of life will, as always, support and trust us, and send us your comments and suggestions. We will humbly accept them, reflect on them, and make self-transformations. Let us create a more brilliant Huatong through joint efforts!