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Yangzhou Huatong Rubber&Plastic Co.,Ltd. was established in 1977, which is a rubber product manufacturer designated by Ministry of Railways and the Signal Corps Department of the General Staff Headquarters of PLA. The company has a registered capital of RMB 12,082,200, total assets of RMB 58 million, a total land area of 23,345 square meters, and a total staff of 148 people, more than 35% of which hold at least college degrees, including 5 directly engaged in R & D, 2 external senior engineers and 2 high-end talents: one post doctorate and one professor.
Our company is located at Yangshou Town Industrial Park in the northern suburb of Yangzhou, next to the beautiful Slender West Lake. The historic and cultural heritage of the ancient canal, the Yangtze River and the Runyang Bridge and the modern railway station having been built in recent years provide very favorable transport conditions for our company.
The company has been committed to the development and manufacturing of new products and new materials, while promoting the development of the company through scientific, civilized, and standardized management. The company is equipped with a strong technological strength and advanced rubber production and testing equipment, having become a specialized, large-scale, modern rubber products manufacturer. The products have been highly recognized by our customers. We have been maintaining close cooperation with Nanjing Puzhen Rolling Stock Works for more than 20 years, and our products have gradually formed a pattern with supporting products for railway passenger carriages as the main products, supplemented by automobiles, engineering machinery, transformers and other types of rubber products. In recent years, we have made a number of breakthroughs in rubber parts for CRH trains, subways, urban rail trains, and so on. The company owns 1 invention patent, 1 design patent, 14 utility model patents, and 1 high-tech product; in cooperation with the Metal and Chemistry Research Institute of the Railway Science Research Academy, we jointly developed environmentally friendly seal strips featured by low smoke and toxic free, and good flame retardant, which have passed the French NFF16101, the German DIN5510, the British BS6853 and the U.S. NFPA130 standard certifications, which are being widely used in a variety of models. In 2009, our company participated in the development of the Ministry of Railways’ industry standard for “technology conditions of internal trims retardants for CRH trains”. In 2011, the company participated in the “locomotives sealing materials” Railway Industry Standards Review Meeting, and many types of products passed the China Railways Product Certification Center (CRCC) certification as important parts for railway passenger carriages (Class A), and obtained the production permits of a number of OEMs and railway bureaus.
The company has won such titles as “Jiangsu Famous Trademark”, “Jiangsu High-tech product certificate” and so on. It has been rated as “National High-tech Enterprise”, and “Jiangsu High-tech SME” by science and technology departments, and was identified as 2010-2011 Class A credit tax-payer by the tax department; the company has passed the 2008 ISO9001 Quality Management System certification. It has a “Railway Passenger Carriage Rubber Products Engineering Research Center of Yangzhou”.